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Mother with her Child

Bundle of Joy

Lactation Support:
Empower, Educate, Nurture

Chelsea Wright, RN, BScN, IBCLC


Registered Nurse (Paediatrics), 

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (CBS)

Certified Lactation Educator (CLE)

Delivering In-Person, Telephone, and Online Breastfeeding and Lactation Support, Assistance, Visits, and Education.


Located in Brantford, ON

Lactation Consultant Chelsea Wright


Chelsea Wright,


Lactation Educator

Hello! I am a mom, wife, paediatric (children's) nurse of 8 years in Hamilton ON, and I run my own private lactation consultant business in Brantford, ON.

I want to reassure families that breastfeeding and lactation issues are common experiences that can be supported and improved through proper lactation support.

Brantford, Ontario

Lactation Support Services

Sleeping Baby

Latch and Positioning Support

Newborn Baby

Milk Supply Concerns

Twin Babies

Supplementing a Breastfed Baby


Weight Gain Concern

Newborn Baby

Postpartum Breast Issues

Smiling Baby

Weaning from Breastfeeding


Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Father with Newborn Baby

Tongue Ties or Other Anatomical Differences

Lactation Consultant

Client Highlights

Pregnant Woman

Individualized Care

Individualized, compassionate, non-judgemental, and

family-centered approach.

Proud Parents

Flexible Support

Offering Home or Virtual Care at your choice.

Happy Baby


Feel confident and empowered to make informed decisions for how you feed your child.

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